JAN-PRO Sets Standards in Commercial Cleaning

Excellent customer service and custom-tailored plans delivered by reliable franchise owners make JAN-PRO the top choice for commercial cleaning.

Consistent Superior Cleaning Makes the Difference

JAN-PRO’s Signature Clean® process defines our commitment to quality commercial cleaning. Our franchise owners undergo an intensive 5-week JAN-PRO brand standards certification program that reinforces OSHA safety requirements and methods of cleaning to improve efficiency and air quality. Plus, we back up our cleaning with the strongest guarantee in the industry: We will respond to and promptly resolve any service issues within one business day. If we fail to meet this obligation, you get a complimentary cleaning.

JAN-PRO Tracker® System Measures Quality

Using a 50-point checklist for onsite inspections, our franchise support teams confirm that any service issues are addressed immediately. We conduct surveys after the initial visit and after 30-days, and do periodic visits to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Safer and Healthier Facilities

JAN-PRO’s exclusive EnviroShield® disinfecting system kills 99% of dangerous bacteria, flu viruses and MRSA, making your facility safer and healthier. The EnviroShield system covers keyboards, door handles and impossible-to-reach areas without leaving any residue. EPA-tested and totally safe for every area of your facility, the EnviroShield system protects your workers from the risks of infection. This disinfecting treatment improves worker productivity and provides a return on investment.

Where Cleaning Counts Most

If you manage a medical facility, you know about the importance of meeting the cleaning compliance standards of industry authorities such as OSHA, CDC, AORN and the Joint Commission. Our MedMetrix® program is designed to meet or exceed all of these cleaning standards in medical facilities. JAN-PRO requires its franchise owners to be certified in these specialized skills before they can service any medical facility.

JAN-PRO® of Austin TX: Superior Janitorial Services

At Jan-Pro of Austin TX, we know the positive results that proper cleanliness and hygiene can have on worker morale and workplace health and safety. We’re proud to provide our clients with expertly planned and delivered janitorial services that ensure we make the most of your investment in our services.

With Jan-Pro of Austin TX, your workplace is assured the exclusive technologies, strategies, and systems that have made Jan-Pro the world’s largest and most trusted brand in janitorial services.

These include:

  • The EnviroShield® Disinfection System: No other system disinfects with the strength, coverage, and safety of EnviroShield®. Using patented spray-release technology, EnviroShield® is able to treat even the toughest-to-disinfect surfaces, including carpeting and keyboards. Disinfection is performed with an eco-friendly, hospital-strength disinfectant.
  • Signature Clean®: Signature Clean® certification requires screening and testing under our industry’s most rigorous five-week training program. This program includes industry-specific cleaning strategies. As a Signature Clean® provider, we are held to the strictest brand standards in commercial cleaning.
  • Jan-Pro Technics®: Your investment in Jan-Pro of Austin TX goes the extra mile with Jan-Pro Technics®. This scheduling and planning system automates and streamlines your janitorial services. By increasing our cleaning team’s efficiency, we maximize your ROI.
  • Jan-Pro Tracker®: We measure the results produced by our cleaning team, assessing and inspecting their results with a 50-point brand standards checklist. When we spot areas in need of improvement, we make changes on the spot. With Jan-Pro Tracker®, we make sure your janitorial services consistently live up to Jan-Pro Six Star service levels.
  • The Jan-Pro of Austin TX Guarantee: Spot an issue with one of your cleanings? We guarantee that we’ll fix it within two days or less. If we fail to live up to this promise, your facility receives a free cleaning from our team. This guarantee is 100% unique among Austin janitorial service providers.

In addition to these exclusive systems, we set our services apart through our commitment to advanced cleaning methods. We use color-coding to prevent materials used in germ-heavy areas (like bathrooms) from being used in other areas (like your kitchen or your desk), and we rely on HEPA-quality vacuums to improve air quality. We also offer specialty services, like cleaning for carpeting, hardwood, tile, marble, and concrete. And we do it all while keeping your workplace secure, arriving to work every day in easy-to-recognize uniforms with prominent Jan-Pro ID tags.

Bring JAN-PRO of Austin TX’s exclusive systems and advanced janitorial services and protocols to your workplace. Call us today at (512) 459-1100 to set up your workplace assessment.