About Us

Our company culture is built on trust, reliability and excellence in cleaning. We offer customized commercial cleaning plans and dedicated support from janitorial cleaners who are franchise owners, not hourly employees.

JAN-PRO requires its franchise owners to complete extensive training on JAN-PRO brand standards, the latest technologies, JAN-PRO branded processes, cleaning techniques and a checklist of services. The combination of proprietary processes like our EnviroShield® process — the same cleaning process used to sanitize hospital operating rooms — an extensive cleaning regimen each visit, and ongoing training keep JAN-PRO the leader in commercial cleaning.

Steve Block
Steve Block

Why choose Jan-Pro for your commercial cleaning services?

As the industry leader in commercial cleaning, Jan-Pro has perfected cleaning processes, services, products, equipment and technologies over nearly 25 years in commercial cleaning.

  • Jan-Pro’s proprietary EnviroShield® system, a  state-of-the-art disinfecting process, clings to and  surrounds the surfaces it touches while killing  harmful bacteria.
  • Hospital-strength cleaning products protect your  facilities.
  • Backpack vacuums exceed HEPA filtration standards  for deep cleaning and enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths eliminate the  transfer of germs from bathrooms to desks, break  areas and other equipment.

Jan-Pro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Premium Franchise Brands LLC. Jan-Pro’s sister company, Maid Right, was established in 2013 to provide the same rigorous checklists, branded processes and innovative cleaning technologies to residential cleaning. Jan-Pro and Maid Right owners take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning services on every visit.

The JAN-PRO Family First Scholarship

Central to our corporate mission at JAN-PRO is the idea that our growth and success are fueled directly by the efforts and talents of our franchise owners. As such, we created a philanthropic program called JAN-PRO Your Family First Scholarship, designed to award college scholarships to the qualifying children of our unit franchise owners. It’s our way of giving back.